About Us


We’re huge TV show and sitcom fans—especially those shows that bring funny, tender, or gripping moments into our homes. Since the long-ago sitcom classic, Cheers, we discovered FRIENDS, Seinfeld, and, more recently, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Glee, among others. These shows make us laugh, smile, and highly anticipate each new episode!

But we remembered these shows by their memorable props and captivating dialogue! We realized we could keep programs alive for fans all over the world by remaking props direct from set, or creating items inspired by sitcoms’ famous scenes. 

We started with FRIENDS, because those fans showed a lot of interest in the set props: Monica and Chandler’s Jouets poster from over their TV, Monica’s “peephole frame,” Rachel’s Excelsior poster, Joey’s Laurel & Hardy poster, and others! You can decorate every room in your home with FRIENDS props; they’ll consistently remind you how much you loved (and laughed for) the show.

Next, we included How I Met Your Mother props, including Barney “Bro” Stinson’s Awesomeness poster and Ted’s stolen blue French horn, a stationary testament to his love for Robin—and your love for your special someone.

Lately, we’ve added The Big Bang Theory and, for a twist, Breaking Bad, to our repertoire. We know you’ll enjoy all the props and gifts we have to offer. Take a look around and see for yourself! Please don’t hesitate to suggest new shows and props.


Meet the Team:

Michael Cipollaro

My name is Michael Cipollaro; ‘Mac’ for short. I am the chief cook and bottle-washer at Cool TV Props.

I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. (How you doin’?) I hold degrees from Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins SIAS, and Stanford University. I have seven great kids. We all like to travel and play sports, and we compete with each other for bragging rights.

Cool TV Props is my fourth career. I have been an international business executive, a faculty member at Rollins College’s Graduate School of Business, and the founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Rollins College.

These days, I enjoy discovering TV props that fans are keen to own. We try to provide you with stuff that reminds you of your favorite shows and cast members, like Phoebe’s lobsters that mate for life, or the Captain Future poster in Sheldon’s living room.

If you have any ideas of props that fans might like, please let me know at info [at] cooltvprops.com. 

Emily Spencer

I was born in the capital city of Ankara, Turkey. I studied Political Science in Istanbul, but moved to Orlando, Florida when I was 23 to get an MBA from Rollins College. While there, I met ‘Big Mac’, my international studies professor. He’s now my boss at Cool TV Props, and has been for the past 10 years.

I love Mexican food, especially when accompanied by a margarita (on the rocks). I’m a big fan of Dave Matthews Band, soccer, and my 2-year-old son. He helps me re-discover the world.

Like many, my fave character from How I Met Your Mother is Barney. I cannot believe all the things he can get away with. (The naked man – anyone?)

If you’re talking about Friends, my favorite episode is the one where the gang finds out about Chandler and Monica but “they don’t know that they know that they know.”

Kelly Cooper

Hey Everyone! Can I just start of by saying how legen—wait for it—dary my position is? My responsibilities include customer service (I agree, you are always right!) and order processing right through shipping and everything else that Emily and Michael don’t want to do.

I also love finding new props we can offer you, and new comedy shows you watch. If you have any ideas, please e-mail them to me.
Penny is my heroine. I love the “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” song — who wouldn’t want to sing that to Sheldon? I also agree that “Wait for It” is a cool middle name for Lily’s baby or anyone else's.
I’m a rising Junior at college here in Florida, majoring in Communications and Journalism. I'm ready to have fun but also ready to succeed at whatever I do, and I love being part of a team.